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If recent design trends in consumer electronics are anything to go by, technology can be functional and look good (gasp!). Thanks to the development of integrated circuits, the components that once would have taken up a considerable amount of space (think back to early versions of televisions and smartphones) can now be housed in sleek, slim-line vessels that are as much a fashion accessory as they are a utility. Today’s tech is both a statement and a tool.

This minimalist approach is, of course, not merely a matter of aesthetics, but also succeeds in creating workspaces (or play-spaces, as the case may be) that are infinitely more efficient than those offered by the bulky behemoths of yesteryear.

This is certainly the case with the CENTURION A1000 door automation solution.

With its fetching design and compact dimensions, the A1000 not only complements the aesthetics of its architectural environment, but also affords the installer considerable freedom when doing the actual installation, and can be adapted for both single- and double-leaf sliding doors with minimal effort.

Of course, even the sleekest, most luxurious automobile is only as good as what’s under the hood, which is why we’ve equipped the A1000 door automation system with all the best technological and safety features, programming opening and closing force and speed according to the friction and door weight in conformity with the latest international safety standards.

For more information on how our range of intelligent door automation solutions can help open doors for your business, contact Jaco at [email protected].

If visiting this page from Nigeria, kindly contact Tosin Lambo from our Centurion Systems West Africa branch on [email protected] or 0907 873 8503 for more information.


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