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Humanity has been intertwined with technology for thousands of years. It is a part of our overall narrative and has acted as a silent partner in our development since times of antiquity, fueled by our inborn desire to be the masters of our environment and make life easier not only for ourselves, but for society as a whole.

But it is not just technology that has changed and evolved in the centuries following the First Industrial Evolution, but also how we interact with it; we have anthropomorphised technology to the point that it has become an extension of ourselves, designing products that are easy to use and that solve real-world problems.

As an access automation installer, what are some of the problems and challenges that you face in your business? Would ease and flexibility of installation make your job easier? Do you crave a solution that delivers more functionality with less effort? What about the things that are important to your clients, such as safety and convenience?

We thought about all these things when we developed the A951, a versatile and elegant door automation solution for swing doors that gives you all the best technological features in just 7cm of space.

The A951 door automation system smoothly and silently controls door opening and closing, allowing users to easily open doors via a pushbutton, sensor or remote control. To make life easier for you, the system can be installed onto the lintel or directly onto the structure of the door, providing maximum flexibility as well as remarkably easy installation.

To ensure absolute safety of operation, the system features an intelligent microprocessor controlling all door activities in real time, with an encoder detecting its angular position in every moment, and has been manufactured in compliance with the latest European safety standards.

Thanks to the careful selection of electronic and mechanical components, the A951 door automation system can silently drive leaves weighing up to 100kg on continuous duty, offering significant energy savings both during standby and while in operation.

To find out more about how the CENTURION door automation range can help open doors for your business, contact Jaco at [email protected].

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