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“What helps people, helps business”, quoth the influential advertising executive Leo Burnett, a man who was responsible for some of the best-known and most enduring characters in advertising and understood that to know business, is to know people. Burnett was the creative mastermind behind such immortal icons as Tony the Tiger and the Pillsbury Doughboy, and attributed the staggering success of his characters and campaigns to drawing upon shared emotions and experiences. Burnett knew how to connect with people on a very real and emotional level, and established rapport with his audience through what has been called heartland-rooted values.

Centurion Systems’ trainer-in-chief, Chris Grobler

CENTURION training manager Chris Grobler is a man who has devoted a significant portion of his career to understanding people – and more specifically, what drives them – first as an educator, and later as a psychology scholar. He possesses a sort of calm, introspective wisdom and warmth that immediately inspires trust and makes one want to take him into one’s confidence. Behind the shy half-smile and kind eyes is a real passion for empowering and uplifting people, for taking them on a journey that will inevitably result in revelations of great personal potential.

It is this passion for unlocking greatness that inspired Chris to design a training course aimed at developing an understanding of psychology in business. While the vast majority of Chris’ courses have focused on developing technical skills, the Psychology in Business course has been designed to teach a better understanding of why people make certain decisions in the context of business.

According to Chris, this is a tragically overlooked but critical component of sales training, with the result that many salespeople lack conviction when selling their wares.

The course will cover the following material:

• Why do humans do the things they do?
• The working of the human brain
• Basic psychology
• Individual purpose
• Vision
• Mental toughness

Psychology for Business will be presented as a free course.

“Our aim is to assist our clients with some business psychology that will enable them to grow in person and leadership” says Chris of the decision not to attach a fee to the course.

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