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Garage Access Technology

It’s a common refrain at the close of the year, and one that is echoed by most: “wow! What a year! Things just keep getting more hectic every year”. Indeed, the pace of life seems to accelerate, pressures mount and obligations multiply as we bear the brunt of interest rate hikes, increasing workloads and the general stressors of living in a high-stakes society. Then there’s also the small matter of a recent global pandemic and the myriad of changes and challenges that followed in its wake.

It sure would be nice if life could be a little, you know, easier.

While it is an indisputable fact that many things are simply beyond our control and products of a vast variety of variables and complex factors – whether environmental, economic or simply of the “life is what happens when you’re making other plans” flavour – we are fortunate enough to be living in a world in which tools and technology have taken much of the hassle out of our daily lives.

As an installation professional, you’ll be acutely aware of technology’s pivotal role in facilitating the easy and seamless execution of your job; however, you may also be frustrated at the lack of any real innovation in your chosen profession, and traditional approaches to the installation and commissioning of access automation solutions are just not cutting it anymore.

The CENTURION SDO4 SMART is the latest breakthrough in garage door automation technology – bringing you a panoramic scope of features geared toward making lives easier for installation professionals like you. We’re taking garage access into new territory through sheer technological wizardry and unleashing a wave of innovation.

Installing the SDO4 SMART is such an intuitive process, you’ll never want to install any other garage door motor. The secret is in the SMART configuration of its parts, enabling you to install the operator in just a few easy steps.

With the new SDO4 SMART garage door motor for tip-up and sectional doors, there’s no acrobatics, manoeuvring, fancy footwork or time-consuming assembly required. It’s a ready-to-install solution designed to make your life easier and have you coasting all the way.

The only thing simpler and more straightforward than installing the SDO4 SMART is setting it up. Thanks to the power of our award-winning SMART technology, the entire system can be commissioned in no time using an intuitive and user-friendly mobile app. Not only will the app guide you through the entire process with attractive, easy-to-follow visuals, it also simplifies configuring the many advanced features and makes managing remote controls an absolute breeze.

Get service and support the SMART way and WIN

By rating our service at the end of a chat, you’re helping us improve the support we offer – and, until 14th December, there’s something extra in it for you. Rate your experience using Live Chat, and you stand a chance of winning a brand new SDO4 SMART garage door motor, the latest breakthrough in garage automation technology.

For more information on entering the competition, rules, terms and conditions, please click HERE.


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Put the new features to work right now!

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