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The Dutch sociologist Jan van Dijk termed humankind’s relationship with the latest electronic devices as the “anthropomorphication of technology”, meaning that technology no longer serves as a mere tool used to gratify certain needs, but has become an extension of our very bodies.

Certainly, it is hard to imagine a life without technology. So many aspects of our daily lives rely on the tiny electronic microcosms, the intricate technological ecosystems that provide us with boundless information, education, entertainment and, yes, even security.

Technology has become such an important ally in the fight against crime that it permeates reality, especially in the context of South Africa, where crime rates are at an all-time high. We interface with security technology virtually every day, whether through pressing a button on a remote control or passing through a turnstile or traffic barrier at our place of work.

As an access automation market leader, CENTURION has been instrumental with regards to promulgating this innovative technology to Africa and the rest of the world. Having recently added turnstiles to our industrial and commercial product stable, CENTURION has established itself as a truly turnkey provider of reliable access automation solutions. From domestic vehicular and pedestrian access control, to providing security on high-volume sites such as residential estates, sports complexes and airports, CENTURION has become the de facto standard for peace of mind.

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