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There’s no denying the fact that this is a crazy time of year. There isn’t so much decking the halls with boughs of holly as there is a frantic scramble to get your gift shopping in, making holiday reservations and writing cards to family members you haven’t corresponded with since last December. You may even start making plans to tackle the DYI jobs around the house that you’ve been putting off and, if you’re the showrunner of a business, you’re probably already stocking up on inventory for when your suppliers shut down for the holidays and making sure that enough staff will be available to take and dispatch orders and keep everything running smoothly.

With so many things to get done, home security is often pushed to the periphery, if it doesn’t fall by the wayside and is forgotten about altogether.

This, of course, is less than ideal considering that crime rates tend to spike during this time of year as bonuses are handed out, gifts – often valuable and expensive – are received and homes are left unoccupied by holidaymakers. The Grinch won’t be making the rounds despite Dr Seuss’s rhyming warnings, but thieves are intent on stealing more than the holiday spirit.

With this in mind, it’s time to get SMART about holiday home security.

Our all-new SMART range of gate and garage door motors puts you at the controls and gives you access to a staggering array of innovative features to ensure ironclad security of your home and/or business throughout the Festive Season and beyond. Not only have we revolutionised installation and commissioning, making lives easier for installers, but we’ve given you a sweeping variety of high-security features designed to give you the ultimate in peace of mind.

Take your pick of Holiday Lockout Mode, Intruder-Detection Alarms or the integrated vibration sensor guarding against tampering, theft, forced opening and burglaries or, better still, use them all for a truly robust and comprehensive security system.  You can also use the built-in timer functionality to time-bar remotes during certain times if you’d like to restrict access while you’re away.

For your home

D5 SMARTProviding double duty as both a gate motor for your convenience and a security system, the new D5 SMART is the perfect companion to your sliding gate, and can be customised to your needs with more configurable features than any other gate motor on the market. From lightning-fast operating speed guaranteeing no more waiting to SMART tamper detection, the D5 SMART not only serves a useful purpose, but is truly geared towards easing your mind.

SDO4 SMARTChoose the garage door motor that gives you more security and more reliability than any other product on the market. Its ingenious design doesn’t just make life easier for the installer, but makes for a truly premium experience thanks to its smooth, whisper-quiet movement. This innovative operator also boasts our award-winning SMART technology and is jam-packed with cutting edge features for the ultimate in functionality and flexibility.

For your business

D10 SMART – High-performance and maximum endurance – the best solution for industrial and commercial sites. With state-of-the-art technology, businesses will enjoy unparalleled security and convenience through industry-leading and award-winning intelligence.

D20 SMARTA potent powerhouse for peace of mind – that’s the D20 SMART: our latest innovative gate automation solution for industrial properties. Equal parts acuity and assertiveness, the D20 SMART heavy-industrial sliding gate motor is powerfully-built to bring the ultimate in security to demanding sites. Experience the power of SMART technology combined with titanic strength.

Here are some additional holiday security tips for when you’re home, at work or out and about:

  1. Dispose of gift packaging out of view of would-be criminals.
  2. Avoid carrying large sums of cash; cards and mobile payment services such as Apple Pay are a much safer bet.
  3. When out shopping, try to park as close as possible to the entrance of the building.
  4. Ask a neighbour to collect your mail
  5. You can use a GSM device, such as the CENTURION G-ULTRA wireless solution, to automatically switch on your pool pump at specified times.
  6. The same GSM solution can also be used to remotely switch outside lights on and off using your phone and the G-REMOTE mobile app. The G-ULTRA is also suitable for offsite monitoring of gate and garage door motors and a multitude of other devices, including alarms and electric fencing.
  7. Ensure that doors and windows are secured.

Get your SMART solution and enjoy a worry-free holiday. Contact us today.

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