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We’re excited to announce the much-anticipated arrival of the latest MyCentsys Remote app update! Packed with innovative features and coinciding with the launch of our latest revolutionary SMART access solutions, this update empowers you to manage your access control and automation with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Introducing Powerful New Features:

  • Effortless Visitor Management:
    • Share Visitor Access: Allow up to 10 users to authorise access for multiple visitors to their property directly through the app. Various access types are available for more granular control.
  • Smarter Than Ever:
    • Geo-Actions: Experience the future of automation with location-based triggers. Receive proximity alerts and initiate actions on your phone or Android Auto. Create a single trigger to set off a sequence of actions across multiple SMART/ULTRA devices for a truly seamless experience.
  • Enhanced Usability:
    • Text-to-Speech Functionality: Enjoy improved accessibility with the new text-to-speech feature for widget actions.
    • Improved Stability and UI: Benefit from a more reliable and visually-appealing app for a smoother user experience.

MyCentsys Remote: The Future of Access Control at Your FingertipsThe all-new MyCentsys Remote app goes beyond simply opening and closing gates. It empowers you to manage access control with greater efficiency and convenience, all from your smartphone.

Download the MyCentsys Remote App Today!
The latest version of MyCentsys Remote (v1.1.0.81) is now available for iOS, Android and Huawei devices.
Don’t forget to explore our SMART access solutions for a truly intelligent gate access experience!

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