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There is a saying in Latin that has always found a certain rapport with me; a few words that seemed to contain the universe’s most basic, most inescapable truth: omnia mutantur nos et mutamur in illisAll things change, and we with them.
There is no wisdom more true, no expression more astute, than this one; a simple fact bordering on platitude murmured by an anonymous, long-forgotten sage many centuries ago (and one that I happened upon in a now-defunct science fiction magazine).
It is this inborn knowledge – knowing that security needs have changed and evolved over the years and that different companies have different requirements when it comes to securing their assets – that has led to us adding two new models to the powerful RSO range of industrial roller-shutter operators.
Regular readers of this blog may very well already be familiar with the original Trio of Titans (the RSO5R, RSO5 and RSO9), three roller-shutter operators custom-built for heavy lifting and very much at home in industrial settings such as distribution warehouses and production facilities. I’ve always thought it a sign of credibility when companies make use of their own products, and thus speak of the RSO with even more confidence since several of the entrances to our own production facility are automated using these behemoths.
As I pointed out earlier, different companies providing different services and manufacturing different products have different security and automation needs. Where one firm might literally require their factory door to open and close and nothing more, another firm might require advanced time-barring functionality from their automation solution. Yet a third firm might require battery backup to keep the warehouse secure during lengthy power outages.
Enter the two new kids on the block: the RSO5R3P and the RSO5DC.
Let’s kick off this introduction with the ode to sheer power that is the RSO5R3P. This beast, while on the surface very similar to its close relative the RSO5R, offers significantly higher starting thrust and a higher duty cycle thanks to a beefy three-phase motor. The RSO5R3P offers basic yet undeniably cost-effectiveautomation for roller-shutters weighing up to 500kg.
On the other side of the automation spectrum is the RSO5DC. To whet your collective appetites, allow me to proffer two words: battery backup. To many, this is the Holy Grail of industrial automation: continued operation in the event of a power failure.
And yet, battery backup is a mere amuse-bouche in light of all else that the RSO5DC has to offer.
Timer functionality, independently adjustable opening and closing speeds, Intruder-detection Alarm Modes, automatic closing and multiple Modes of Operation are just some of the advanced features that can be found on the RSO5DC’s intelligent LCD controller.
Readers will also be glad to know that all this brainpower does not come at the cost of strength, and the RSO5DC is capable of automating shutters weighing up to 500kg.
Keep your eyes peeled for more information on the potent RSO range!
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