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Much like Bruce Springsteen, the rolling power outages of the past couple of months had many of us “dancing in the dark”. But, while the Boss’s rockabilly anthem to a lost generation contemplated some pretty weighty existential questions, the darkness brought about by load shedding has a very literal bent and there probably isn’t so much dancing as there is aggravated face-palming. Your off-ramp is a parking lot and, when you finally do reach your street, darkened windows look menacingly on like sombre spectators at the world’s most gloomy sports game.

What could be more frustrating, annoying and downright inconvenient than not being able to make a hot cuppa Joe or missing out on Squid Game after a long day at the office and enervating traffic?

Well, we can think of at least one thing, and that’s being stuck inside or, more unnervingly, outside your property because your gate motor has joined the legions of unprepared operators in your neighbourhood that don’t have the necessary backup facility to deal with prolonged bouts of load-shedding.

We’ve just released four new gate motors in our innovative and intelligent SMART series – which now includes gate automation solutions for domestic, light-industrial, residential, commercial and heavy industrial applications – all boasting reliable 24V battery backup (that’s two backup batteries), which ensures continued operation and uninterrupted security and convenience even when there’s no mains power for a long period of time. So, whether you’re a homeowner, complex or estate resident, building manager or you run a business, there’s a SMART solution to meet your automation needs and won’t let you down. As battery backup specialists and South African pioneers in this area, you can be rest assured that our products always have your back and will leave you feeling empowered – even when electrical power is in short supply.

You can find out more about the brand new SMART range here. So, where will SMART take you?

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