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Turnstiles have been around for decades, and with good reason. You see, not only are turnstiles remarkably robust and versatile, finding employment in a variety of settings and environments, but they are proven to dramatically increase security and even streamline operations.

Nowadays, these access gates are just about everywhere. You probably passed through one when entering the office this morning, and chances are that you were greeted by exactly such a system the last time you visited the gym. Remember when you took the kids to the amusement park over the school holidays, or when you attended that rock concert with your squad? We’re willing to bet that the proprietors used a turnstile to control pedestrian traffic rather than having someone stand at the entrance manually checking tickets.

Turnstiles are popular – and have endured as an access control system – precisely because they are effective and efficient. They help to ensure that only authorised individuals (for example employees or valid ticket holders) are able to enter a premises or venue, while keeping the chance-takers out. This, as you can imagine, helps businesses to protect their revenue as well as creating a physical barrier against crime.

Below, we’ve listed some reasons why you should choose CENTURION turnstiles for your next big commercial project.

They’re reliable and they last

Our turnstiles are equipped with an innovative mechanism designed to offer you the best long-term reliability and performance in the industry, with inductive sensors ensuring accuracy and precision of movement, a nylon mechanism for better absorption of rotor movement, and nylon and stainless steel construction for a longer lifespan.

They’re built for security and convenience

Thanks to its convenient side entry hatch, the turnstile mechanism can be easily accessed for maintenance, and the top space can be closed off to prevent unauthorised individuals from climbing over.

They’re versatile and energy-efficient

CENTURION turnstiles are packed with all the best technological features, such as a versatile, multifunctional controller with third party fault reporting, authorised anti-passback and, best of all, the lowest power consumption in the industry thanks to unique PWM technology.

They’re super strong

What makes our turnstiles so TOUGH and RELIABLE? Well, they’re built that way, with heavy-duty tubing and secure internal welding, giving you peace of mind that your pedestrian access control is always taken care of.

They have backup

No power? No problem! Our turnstiles offer proven power failure protection thanks to a dependable 24V battery backup system.

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