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In this age of digital packet switching, semiconductors and self-driving cars, anyone could be one circuit board or mobile app away from creating the next great, world-changing innovation. We are forever drinking from the wellspring of invention and ingenuity.

It comes as no surprise, then, that such a large proportion of this generation is embracing – whether consciously or as part of some underlying social dynamic – the reductionist theory of technological determinism which, although it was proposed as far back as the late nineteenth century by sociologist and economist Thorstein Veblen, posits that a society’s technology determines the development of its social structure and cultural values.

Indeed, as evidenced by the above, our love affair with technology is a longstanding one, but it is only fairly recently that it has emerged as one of the world’s most powerful change agents. Veblen was born a short time after the end of the First Industrial Revolution, and technology in his day would have largely constituted the imposing machinery of this incredibly important period in human history.

So, what has changed since the days of Veblen and his cohorts?

Well, for one thing, technology has moved to the aether thanks to the proliferation of wireless communication.

Our WiZo-Link wireless solution leverages the power of wireless technology to provide you with a remarkably robust and intelligent automation system.

WiZo-Link uses radio technology to create what is known as a mesh network. This may be described as a layer of radio communications (think of these as roads) where every device (WiZo-Link) is continually acting as a repeater for all the signals (the “traffic” or “vehicles” travelling on the “road”) in the network, even if these devices are not associated with that WiZo-Link.

How does this innovative system fit into security, you may ask.

Our new D5 SMART sliding gate motor boasts an integral vibration sensor that detects tampering not only with the gate motor, but with the gate itself. Using a network of WiZo devices, you are able to create stable wireless connections, for example between the sensor and your house alarm. Hard-wired connections are costly and labour-intensive, but, with the D5 SMART and WiZo-Link, you have the flexibility to create an ultra-secure, always-on wireless environment.

For even more security, add a CENTURION G-ULTRA GSM solution and receive push notifications on your phone when the vibration sensor is activated, with the WiZo-Link acting as a range extender.

Get the complete solution for SMART security today.

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