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While, in the past, urban development progressed at a meticulous, almost glacial pace as commercial enterprise found its footing within the greater social environment, recent years have seen expansion take place on an exponential curve. Indeed, the commercial sector is showing no signs of slowing down, with construction, manufacturing, real estate and retail trade tapped as some of South Africa’s fastest-growing industries, the latter thanks to the country’s growing youth demographic.

This striking narrative of growth has led to a number of compelling, highly ambitious projects around existing and newly formed city ecosystems and has opened up a world of opportunities for investors and property developers.

This is, of course, also welcome news for security integrators, especially those looking to expand their portfolios to include commercial security and access control. This bracingly immersive field continues to deliver innovative solutions geared towards defending the threshold between commercial properties and the often hostile outside world.

With a global footprint spanning more than 70 countries, CENTURION is meeting the security demands of an increasingly diverse market. The company’s commercial solutions, which includes high-volume industrial traffic barriers, bollards, turnstiles and door automation systems, have a proven track record of reliability and offer exceptional security on sites ranging from office parks to airports.

Below, we’ve listed four ways in which our commercial solutions make your life easier.

A solution to suit every application

No matter the requirements, rest assured that CENTURION has a reliable solution suitable for every application, be it traffic barriers, door automation or even powerful bollards for high-risk sites such as banks and embassies.

Legendary after-sales support

CENTURION’s technical support call centre operates from 7am until 6pm, Monday to Friday (South African time), and is able to provide support of the highest calibre in several languages, including English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Spares are readily available

A vast network of branches, distributors and installers in more than 70 countries means that you will always have access to top-quality spare parts if needed.

Easy installation and maintenance

Regardless of product, CENTURION’s talented engineers have developed a sort of intuition when it comes to the requirements of our clients.

Committed to making your life, as well as your clients’ lives, easier, CENTURION goes to considerable lengths to ensure that our products are quick and painless to install and maintain.

If you’ve ever installed a D-Series operator such as our SECTOR II high-volume industrial traffic barrier, you’ll know what a pleasure it is to commission the system and configure the operator’s many features. An intuitive setup wizard guides you through the entire setup procedure, while the controller’s supremely easy navigation – made possible through an LCD user interface coupled with a four-button cluster – lets you effortlessly flip through features and operating parameters.

This design philosophy is also evident in CENTURION’s CLAWS roadway spikes and TRAPEX barrier fences, both of which are constructed in a modular fashion, which also makes them easy to transport and tailor to individual site requirements.

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