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Every year, on the fourth Friday of November, stores all over the world brace for the biggest day on the retail calendar: Black Friday. Generally considered the official start of the holiday shopping season, this annual tradition – originally a US institution but observed in a growing number of countries including Ireland, Sweden and South Africa – sees millions of consumers flock to major retail outlets to get their hands on the year’s biggest bargains.

But there’s one thing that you won’t find on sale anywhere, and that thing is time.

Time always seems to be in particularly short supply towards the end of the year. Even if you aren’t spending as much time stuck in molasses-slow traffic, there’s still jobs to be tied up, holiday shopping to be done, and orders to be placed with suppliers ahead of the annual shutdown period. The festive season also tends to spark a renewed awareness around security, so chances are your phone will soon be ringing off the hook with clients wanting to fortify their homes before going on holiday.

Whether you’ll be winding down or ramping up during the next month or so, you’ll love these 5 time-saving products to install over the holidays.

  1. WiZo-Link

Create an ultra-secure, always on wireless environment in no time, and use the power of robust mesh network technology to monitor and control virtually anything – wirelessly!

  1. Surge protector

This incredibly clever device simply plugs into the gate motor’s mains connector, and offers reliable protection against lightning strikes, voltage spikes and incoming power fluctuations with seamless integration with CENTURION gate motors including the D5-EvoD10 and D10 Turbo. Our surge protector for gate motors makes your life easier by saving on installation time with virtually no wiring required, and is your client’s first line of defence against potentially destructive power surges.

  1. Photon

Safety has never been so quick and easy – thanks to wireless technology! Introducing CENTURION’s Photon II infrared gate safety beam with a wireless transmitterPhoton II makes short work of achieving a safe automation system for even the most challenging of installations. With a wireless transmitter there’s no need to tunnel under the driveway. Simply align, attach and you’re away.


The CENTURION SMARTGUARDair fully wireless keypad is ideal for vehicle and pedestrian access control applications.  The SMARTGUARDair is powered via two AA alkaline batteries, making installation exceptionally quick and easy, and offers up to two years’ battery life with up to 300 uses per day.

  1. G-ULTRA

Help your clients take peace of mind with them wherever they go with the G-ULTRA: a powerful and versatile access automation solution that allows them to open and close their gate, arm their house alarm, monitor mains power and perform a host of other advanced monitoring and control actions – all using their phone! Save even more time by setting up all your clients’ GSM devices on the go with our brand new G-WEB ULTRA mobile app.

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