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The NOVA HELIX range of remote control receivers is putting a fresh spin on an access control staple.

While the original NOVA range has enjoyed – and continues to enjoy – widespread popularity due, in part, to its role as a pioneer in the use of code-hopping technology, the NOVA HELIX was designed to serve the installer at least as much as the end-user.

This latest incarnation of the trailblazing NOVA receiver has retained its ultra-secure code-hopping protocol (and is in fact backwards compatible with the blue and gray NOVA remotes), but its feature offering has been beefed up considerably by the addition of a number of fantastic new features aimed at making life easier for the installer.

Here are five ways that the NOVA HELIX will make your life easier:

1. The pulse time is adjustable

For the first time, it is possible to adjust the time that the relay remains energised, making it possible to activate, for example, electric locks without needing to fit additional interfaces such as pulse-stretchers. Output timing is native to the NOVA HELIX.

2. Timed Autolearn

This is an incredibly useful feature that enables the user to specify a time-period (for example 24 hours) during which all remote buttons that are pressed in the vicinity of the receiver will be programmed into memory. This is useful in instances where a large number of remotes need to be programmed but it’s difficult to have all the remotes present at the same time. The Autolearn function automatically times out after seven days.

3. Robust, interference-free remote learning

Has a customer ever phoned you up and complained that, despite him being 99% sure that his property is ghost-free, his gate frequently opens on its own? This seemingly poltergeist-related phenomenon is generally caused by a neighbour, or neighbours, with the same remote control system pressing his or her remote at the time of your confused client’s remote being programmed. This causes the neighbour’s remote to be inadvertently learned into your client’s system, causing all sorts of havoc and hijinks.

With the NOVA HELIX’s five-second-press feature, the remote button has to be pressed and held in for a period of five seconds before it is learned into memory.

4. Master and Link Learning

The NOVA HELIX gives you the option to choose between the ironclad security of Master Learning, and the convenience of Link Learning. With Master Learning, the Master remote has to be present in order to create “offspring” remotes, making for a very robust and secure remote learning methodology. However, for sites where security is not an issue, remotes can be effortlessly programmed by simply bridging the link pins and momentarily pressing each button that you wish to code.

5. Function jumpers can be disabled

The beauty of the NOVA HELIX really lies in its flexibility. If you want to enjoy the time-saving convenience of Link Learning but your client is concerned about security, you can set his mind at ease by disabling the function jumpers so that the system can’t easily be breached by would-be intruders wanting to program their own remotes into memory.

NOVA HELIX NOVA remote controls is compatible with CENTURION’s exceptionally durable and popular , featuring robust silicone buttons designed to last and last, as well as an updated, sporty carbon look.

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