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Whenever you buy something, whether a microwave oven, mobile phone or motorcar, you forge a relationship – not only with the person or business selling you the item, but also with the manufacturer. And, like all healthy relationships, this one is built on trust. You trust that the product will work as indicated, that you’ll receive some sort of training or instruction as to its safe and appropriate use, and that there will be after-sales support to back it up should something go wrong.

Just imagine unboxing a brand new smartphone only to find that the screen is cracked, or that it simply won’t switch on. If you bought the phone through a reputable supplier, you’ll be able to return it to be repaired or replaced with a new unit. If not, you’ll have no recourse and, even if the product works fine, you’ll never have true peace of mind that it will be serviced and supported adequately.

The latter scenario is the case with grey or parallel imports: products which, while genuine in that they have been manufactured by the brand owner, have been imported and sold unofficially. As you might imagine, this sort of trade opens you, the consumer, up to much inconvenience and possible expenses down the line.

We’ve been making award-winning access automation and unmatched security and convenience available to Nigeria through our Lagos branch for almost 10 years now, and our promise to you is to continue making your life easier with our extensive range of products.

In order for us to provide you with the best possible support, it’s important that you buy your CENTURION solutions through official channels like our branch. This will ensure that you not only get the real deal from the industry leaders, but you’ll also enjoy the benefits of original, top-quality parts for the best reliability, as well as technical support, access to professional product training and the peace of mind of our 24-month warranty.


Original, top-quality parts

All our access automation solutions are manufactured using top-quality components and made from the most robust and durable materials to work reliably in any environment. CENTURION and its authorised distributors will ensure that all products sold and serviced by us will provide you with outstanding long-term performance since we use only original parts.


Technical support

Our technical support call centre is staffed by only the most qualified and proficient technicians, ready to assist you in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. All our support agents have strong engineering backgrounds, hold various technical qualifications and possess a wealth of knowledge about our product range. You will be pleased to know that we also have our own CENTURION branch in Lagos (Centurion Systems West Africa), a proudly Nigerian company, where our friendly team is ready to assist with any technical support inquiries. Put us to the test and discover why our technical support is world-famous.


Professional product training

With CENTURION original products, you won’t only receive the best security and convenience with the most innovative gate motors on the market, but you’ll also get access to our range of amazing training courses. Our in-house training sessions are presented by highly qualified technical trainers and cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of our products, enabling you to broaden your skills and grow your business.



Since our products are manufactured to the highest levels of quality and excellence, we proudly stand behind them. When you buy your CENTURION solution through our branch or one of our official distributors, you’ll enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that it’s backed up by a reassuring 24-month warranty. 

Our official distribution channels are there to give you the true CENTURION experience through world-class service and support, so trust the green gate motor brand for all your access automation needs.

If you need more information or want to know where you can buy our solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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