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Solar power is being touted as one of the best and most robust alternative energy solutions, and with good reason. Not only is solar naturally replenished by the Earth’s own resources, but it can be used to provide power in remote locations where electricity from a mains supply isn’t readily available.

One of the many great benefits of solar is how remarkably versatile it is, as it can be used in a wide variety of different applications.

There’s never been a better time to let this renewable energy source make your life easier.

Our award-winning range of access automation solutions is fully solar-ready, so our products can be used in many different settings and environments, such as farms, lodges and game reserves to:

Automate gates and garage doors

In recent years, and in the context of rising crime rates in both urban and rural settings, access automation has gone from being a luxury to being a necessity; however, it has not always been possible or practical, especially in very remote locations. With our solar-ready solutions, which includes gate motors, garage door motors as well as traffic barriers, you can enjoy the security and convenience afforded by access automation even if the installation is situated far away from a mains power source, because the sun will keep the batteries charged.

Control irrigation systems

We bring you a range of wireless solutions that can be used not only to control your irrigation remotely from your phone, but also includes auto-scheduling functionality so you don’t have to remember to switch the system on and off at specific times; and, with our WiZo Solar repeater, range is no longer an issue.

Monitor and activate

With our ULTRA range of GSM solutions, you can control up to six systems, appliances or solutions – including alarm systems and electric fences – and even monitor their status from your phone with push notifications via the free G-REMOTE mobile app. Our brand new D5 SMART sliding gate motor even boasts a built-in vibration sensor, which can be linked to your phone, an alarm system or armed response company to alert you in the event that someone is tampering with your gate or attempting to steal your motor or solar panels. Again, the WiZo range extender enable you to monitor and control such systems even from a great distance away. Additional applications of our GSM products include monitoring fluid levels and controlling pool and borehole pumps, and you’ll always know what your gate is doing thanks to intelligent gate status monitoring. In short, almost everything you need to make run your farm more efficiently can be made easier with our solar-ready range.

Answer your intercom from anywhere

Having an intercom system installed at one’s gate is a popular and effective means of screening visitors and controlling access – but what if the gate is located far from the house or main building? Do you spend huge amounts of money for countless hours of labour laying miles of cable?

You’ll be pleased to know that there is a much easier and more cost-effective solution. The CENTURION G-SPEAK ULTRA intercom system allows wireless voice communication between the gate station – mounted at the gate – and your mobile phone, so you can answer your intercom from anywhere and open the gate by simply pressing a button on your phone’s keypad or using the free app. The G-SPEAK ULTRA works with all our solar-compatible access automation solutions, and you can extend its range with the WiZo Solar repeater, making it the automatic choice or remote farm gates.

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