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The installer app.

The rise of mobile apps has been one of the chief advancements that characterise the so-called Digital Age and, today, there is a positively staggering array of these mini-programs available on the respective app stores: a bottomless supply and endless source of increasingly creative and innovative utility and value – all in the palm of your hand. Perhaps the most important app-based service of recent years is the ride-hailing app, which connects passengers and local drivers using their personal vehicles, a model that is not only convenient, but also cost-effective. Since then, major retailers such as clothing stores and grocery outlets have realised the incalculable value of leveraging the power of apps to simplify and streamline shopping for their customers, and it’s now possible to have your stuff delivered directly to your door with a few simple taps.

This convenience does, however, come with a price premium. (Which, of course, we’re more than happy to pay to not face large crowds and long queues).

With MyCentsys Pro, we’ve given you a SMARTer way to work – and it won’t cost you a cent to download and use the app’s incredible functionality.

The MyCentsys Pro mobile app for our SMART range of gate and garage door motors has rewritten the rules when it comes to commissioning, configuration and diagnostics, giving you a large canvas of features designed to make your life easier thanks to an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Lightning-quick setup means that you can commission the entire system in no time at all, while fast, easy access to system health takes all the mystique out of performing diagnostics on your client’s SMART gate or garage door motor.

But why stop there?

With MyCentsys Pro, managing your client’s remote controls is an absolute breeze, and assigning the functionality for each button on the remote just couldn’t be easier, not to mention enabling time-barring and assigning labels.

The graphic setup wizard will have you coasting all the way but, just in case you want some extra resources, we’ve built manuals, user guides and wiring diagrams into the app, as well as embedded tutorial videos from our SMART TV YouTube channel.

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