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We’ll cut straight to the chase: pressing a button on the newly-revamped NOVAcode-hopping remote feels good. There’s a moment of chemistry between man and device just before the silicone button submits to one’s touch; one could almost call it a moment of reassurance.
Yes, come to think of it, that’s exactly what it is.
In that one breathless moment just before kinetic energy is transduced into electrical energy, and electrical into radio, the button vows never to let you down. And with its tough, durable silicone body – made to withstand a lifetime of pressing – and the remote’s updated carbon look, what choice does one have but to believe its solemn promise?
In the some 20 years of its existence, NOVA remotes have become so ubiquitous that keychains seem wholly incomplete without the easily-recognisable blue and grey (NOVA’s colours before the carbon overhaul) remote cheerfully dangling from it. It’s come to embody something of the spirit of home, of family and of security.
It makes perfect sense, when one gets right down to it. The remote is more than a collection of buttons of electronics: it’s the key to your world and, whenever you press that magical button, you’re either opening the gateway to your sanctuary, or you’re securing it until your return. In this way, the remote is almost like a totem, a trinket signifying peace of mind and a little piece of home that you can take with you wherever you go.
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