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While many of us yearn for the bucolic tranquillity of country living, there’s no denying the fact that the city holds a certain appeal. If one can look past the crazy traffic, fast pace and general hustle and bustle, there’s a kind of metropolitan magic that only seems to exist in urban settings. Besides, city living gives us access to countless shopping centres, hospitals and other conveniences that might require a fair bit of travelling in the countryside.

Whether you regard the city as a symbol of progress and innovation or as a noisy, chaotic maelstrom, urban development is definitely here to stay, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.   

Of course, this is good news for developers, construction companies and yes, even security integrators and installers, who find themselves facing an unprecedented demand for urban infrastructure, including access control and automation.

As CENTURION Bloemfontein gears up for its Door Automation Open Day, happening on Friday, the 19th of July, we thought it might be a good idea to list a few reasons why you should choose CENTURION ASDs:

The best long-term performance in the industry

Some of our door automation solutions are rated for up to 2 million maintenance-free cycles, which means that you won’t have to return to site for a very long time.

Outstanding reliability

We use only the highest quality electronic and mechanical components in our ASDs, ensuring many years of reliable operation and end-user peace of mind.

Thin and elegant

Thanks to its compact dimensions, our sliding door systems can be adapted to suit virtually any type of architectural environment, even in limited space conditions.

Energy saving

Our ASDs are designed to meet the needs of the market as well as protect the environment. Thanks to the system’s innovative “Energy Saving” device, it identifies the direction of transit and perfectly optimises opening/closing times to avoid unnecessary air dispersion, even in the event of sideways transit.

Smooth and silent operation

The CENTURION range of swing door systems is equipped with an integral spring system, ensuring elegance and grace in every movement. And they look great, too!

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