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In a perfect world cell phones would make us coffee, our cars would run on water, and everything would be wireless.  But in reality we still have to drag ourselves out of bed, shuffle into our slippers and go make our own coffee – and very often we are faced with an ugly snarl of cabling staring at us like Medusa’s head.  With security and convenience being the buzzwords of our modern age, not only have our walls become higher, but our collective outlook has become increasingly more techno centric.  And with technology comes wires.  Lots and lots of wires.

Whether you are an installer of gate automation equipment, alarm systems or you fit electric fences, chances are good that you frequently need to join cables.  It is not enough to simply have a working system, you need to make it aesthetically pleasing and, above all else, safe.

Of course, cable joints have been on the market since the need for them first arose with the advent of technology as we know it today.  But the most popular among them usually require the mixing and curing of chemicals and resins, which is oftentimes a daunting task since the majority of us last attended science class in high school and we weren’t very fond of it back then either!  Jokes aside, chemical joints can be unreliable in that they can leak or cure improperly, rendering them useless.  They also take long to cure which is a waste of valuable time and, by extension, money.

So, if the use of chemical joints is moot, what is an installer to do?  There is insulation tape, of course, but its reliability is equally as debatable – the first October downpour would make it soggy and cause it to lose its adhesive properties.       

That’s where GELJOINTs come in.  This revolutionary cable joint takes all the hassle – not to mention the unsightly mess that usually ensues – out of any job requiring extensive wiring to be done.  The unique gel compound, together with a completely waterproof plastic enclosure, forms a protective layer around the cables, efficiently safeguarding against the ingress of dirt and water.   It is quick and simple to install, can handle up to a 1000V, and can accommodate two and three core cables which makes it the perfect choice for mains.  By simply inserting the cables needing to be joined into the connector provided, clipping the two halves of the waterproof enclosure over it and tightening the hexagonal nuts on either side, you will have a joint that is not only protected against the elements, but looks good, too!

In an age sadly marked by crime, many gate automation installers have found themselves faced with the rather unpleasant task of repairing and extending the short bits of broken cable left in the wake of a stolen gate motor.  GELJOINTs will turn even that most daunting of jobs into a hassle-free and, dare we say, pleasurable experience. 

GELJOINTs boast an abundance of additional benefits, including:

·         No mixing or curing is necessary – they can be put to use instantly

·         They are extremely well-priced

·         GELJOINTs are robust and cannot be easily pulled apart – improved security

·         The gel compound does not dry out if left outside – suitable for outdoor installations

·         They boast a heat tolerance of up to ninety degrees Celsius

·         They are rust-resistant – a great benefit for installations in coastal areas

·         GELJOINTs do not have a limited shelf life so they can be used months and even years after purchase!

With such an impressive range of features and benefits – not to mention the vast array of possible applications – the name GELJOINT is bound to “stick” with you.

GELJOINTs are available at CENTURION and leading security distributors.

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