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Power outtages solutions.

There’s a lot to love about South Africa: spectacular cultural diversity, great food, natural beauty encompassing virtually every biome, and some of the best weather in the world. Of course, as with every country, this fair land of ours has its share of challenges, and South Africans have been surprised to find that there is actually something more irksome and frustrating than potholes and rising petrol prices.

We’re talking about load-shedding: the loathsome rolling power outages that have been plaguing the country for the past year.

Load-shedding has been going from stage to stage more than a theatre ensemble doing a turn on Broadway – but it’s not bowing out just yet, and there’s no sign of a curtain call in sight although, when it does eventually happen, there’s sure to be an unwelcome encore.

To say that load-shedding – which seems to strike at the most inopportune times – is inconvenient, would be a spectacular understatement, but it’s time that the impact of power cuts on security has a turn in the limelight (at least before that light is also extinguished by load-shedding).

Gate motors represent a substantial and integral part of the home security mix, providing access control at one of the most important access points to one’s property, but they have been offering precious little by way of power failure autonomy – that is until now.

Our SMART range of gate and garage door motors delivers much longer standby and, thanks to time-proven battery-driven technology, is much more reliable than other products on the market, meaning that power outages won’t be pulling the plug on your peace of mind. Because your SMART operator keeps on working, even during protracted power outages, you won’t be getting stuck in your driveway where you’re a soft target for hijackers and other criminals. You also won’t have to put your gate motor in manual mode, which makes it easy for criminals to get into your property. And you won’t have to sacrifice your convenience, either.

With the SMART range, the power really is in your hands, so get yours today from any CENTURION branch nationwide or your nearest distributors.

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