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With the G-ULTRA, your entire world fits into the palm of your hand, giving you complete control at your fingertips. This is the evolution of GSM technology, designed to offer you the ultimate flexible, mobile-based access control and monitoring solution.


Gate control

Open your gate fully, and for pedestrians, from absolutely anywhere using your phone.

Intelligent monitoring of gate status

Know what your gate is doing at all times, for the ultimate in security and peace of mind.

Power failure notifications

Be alerted to power failures before you get home.

Master your garden

Remotely turn your sprinkler system on and off via the G-REMOTE mobile app.

Alarm control

Forgot to arm the alarm? Don’t turn the car around! Arm, disarm and activate your alarm from your smartphone, using the G-REMOTE app.

Activate and monitor your security

Perfect for offsite activation and monitoring of your electric fence.

Monitor your water level

Check the status of your home fishpond or borehole from anywhere, at any time.

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