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Dont just think of the green motor

Don’t just think of the green gate motor!

From remote areas to big cities, no matter where you look, our trustworthy CENTURION green gate motors can be found all around the world!

When you think of the green gate motor, what do you think of? You most probably think of quality, reliability and the best in gate automation. After all, CENTURION is the brand that has been making lives easier in over 70 countries for more than 30 years, including end-users, businesses and homeowners, distributors, installers, as well as commercial and industrial properties.


But what if we asked you not to just think of the green gate motor?

Think of…world-class technical support

Our technical support call centre is staffed by only the most qualified and proficient technicians, ready to assist you in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. All our support agents have strong engineering backgrounds, hold various technical qualifications and possess a wealth of knowledge about our product range. Above all, you will be pleased to know that our in-country distributors are also available to assist with any technical support inquiries. Put us to the test and discover why our technical support is world-class.

Think of…local availability of CENTURION products

With an extensive network of distributors and installers in over 70 countries across six continents, we are making industry-leading security and convenience available to everyone, giving you peace of mind knowing that you can purchase CENTURION products, request product information or get technical support locally. Another advantage of dealing with our distributors is the local warranty offered, ensuring greater peace of mind.

Think of…CENTURION product training 

Want to become the installer of choice and make your customers happy with our range of access automation solutions? Discover the exciting access automation world by signing up to our extensive product training courses. These take place at both our head office in Johannesburg, South Africa, as well through our extensive in-country distributor network. Our courses are presented by highly-qualified technical trainers and cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of our products, enabling you to broaden your skills and grow your business.

Think of…CENTURION making your life easier

When we create and develop our solutions, we focus on making lives easier for both our installers and end-users.

For the installer, it is all about making the goal of our products easy to setup, install, maintain, as well as diagnose and repair more efficiently.

For the end user and business/home owner, our products are created to provide convenience, reliability and security. We are always striving to improve on these three features and making the end users’ experience of using our product more pleasurable, easier and simpler.

Think of…readily available CENTURION spares worldwide

We go to great lengths to ensure that our in-country distributors are always well stocked, so you can have peace of mind knowing that spares will always be available for your CENTURION gate motor.


So, don’t just think of the green gate motor, but learn more about the many ways in which we strive to make your life easier. Contact our International Markets team today!

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