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Making your life easier with the G-ULTRA

There are plenty of reasons why your customers will absolutely love the G-ULTRA GSM solution, and why they’ll thank you for introducing them to a world of convenience and control unlike anything they’ve ever experienced.

There’s the fact that they can activate their appliances from anywhere using their phones, and receive push notifications of power failures, or if their entrance gates have been left open, to name but a few possible monitoring applications.

But the G-ULTRA GSM solution has also been designed to make your life easier by saving you time and effort and helping you to give your customers even more.

Easy access to diagnostics

This smart device provides intelligent feedback via a graphic user interface displaying status, system information and diagnostic messages for the complete ULTRA experience.

We’ve done the hard work for you!

All G-ULTRA units are supplied with an activated SIM card for your convenience.

Quick setup and management of devices with the G-WEB ULTRA app

Whether you’re attending to call-outs, quoting clients or doing installations, you have the kind of job that means you’re always on the road and always on the move. With our new G-WEB ULTRA mobile app, you can set up, manage and configure your clients’ ULTRA GSM devices from anywhere using your phone.

Over-the-air bootloading

Thanks to the G-ULTRA’s over-the-air bootloading facility, you can update the device’s firmware from any PC or laptop with internet access, or via the G-WEB ULTRA mobile app.

Go wireless with WiZo

The WiZo-Link is a wireless input-output module that uses robust mesh network technology to create an ultra-secure, always-on wireless environment that can be used to monitor and control virtually anything from a single, centralized G-ULTRA. For example, you can start by automating a garage door with the G-ULTRA, and grow the network to include outside lights, pedestrian gates, pool pumps and even irrigation systems. This saves you having to perform wired civils and enables you to give your client a complete home automation system with minimal effort. It’s a wireless wire!

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