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Power outages is undeniably inconvenient, but the greatest threat is to our safety and security.

CENTURION gate and garage door motors, with their reliable battery backup, will remain in operation even during lengthy power failures, keeping your home secure and saving you the effort of having to manually open your entrance gate or garage door.

We also offer a wide range of solar solutions that can be used to power our gate motors, giving you even more power failure protection and helping you save money by cutting down on electricity costs.

For added peace of mind, connect the advanced G-ULTRA GSM solution to any gate or garage door motor and receive push notifications on your phone when the power goes out.

If it’s security that you’re worried about, the G-ULTRA will alert you to potential breaches wherever you are.

With the G-ULTRA, you’ll never be left in the dark.

Besides the obvious inconvenience of power outages the voltage spike when the power comes back on can irreparably damage electronic equipment, including gate motor controllers.

Protect your investment with our plug-in surge protector for gate motors.

This incredibly clever device offers reliable protection against lightning strikes, voltage spikes and incoming power fluctuations. 

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