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At the intersection of science and imagination, we have created the next generation in intelligent convenience and security to bring you a solution that is sophisticated, scalable, secure and, above all else, SMART, with:

· SMART installation
· SMART wireless connectivity
· SMART expandability
· SMART diagnostics and logging
· SMART security
· SMART safety

What is SMART?

SMART is…cutting edge technology

A world-building set piece rooted in compelling innovation, captivating technology and holistic convenience and security to make your life easier than ever before.


SMART is…industry-leading intelligence

Winner of the 2020 SEIFSA Award for Most Innovative Company.

SMART is…giving you the best that the world of access automation has to offer

Our SMART technology has enabled us to deliver the fastest gate motor in its class for the best security and convenience, featuring the most innovative theft protection on the market and reliable dual battery backup to make it ready for any power outage.

SMART is…making your life easier

Every aspect of our SMART technology has been developed to give you an access automation experience unlike any other. From its unique and innovative mechanical footprint for streamlined installation to its many advanced features easily configurable via the tie-in mobile app, SMART is truly the intelligent choice.

SMART is here. Experience it today.

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