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With the startling increase in the number of lifestyle illnesses such as hypertension and diabetes that affect millions of individuals each year, it’s no wonder that health and overall wellbeing are once again being pushed to the top of the public agenda. Fortunately, innovations such as the ubiquitous Fitbit and a plethora of other health tracking devices are making it easier for people like you and I to take back control of our health.

These so-called fitness trackers – the vast majority of which integrate with fit-for-purpose (pardon the pun) mobile applications – use sophisticated technology to monitor heart rate, steps, activity levels, respiration and, in the case of more advanced models, even how much sleep one gets in order to highlight areas in need of improvement.

In this article, we provide you with 5 Tips for a Healthy Gate Motor Installation.

Exercising the core

Usually when one thinks of core exercises, it brings to mind that most mediaeval of endurance exercises, the dreaded plank. If you’ve ever dreamt of manipulating the concept of time, try planking and experience how one minute can feel like an hour.

Within the context of gate automation, however, “exercising the core” means getting the basics right, and laying the foundation for a healthy and robust installation.

This means ensuring that:

  • you select an operator with specifications that match the application
  • all wiring is neat and safe
  • the gate moves smoothly and unimpeded
  • the gate is suitable for automation


When selecting a gate operator, it’s important that you take into consideration the weight of the gate as well as the pull force needed to set it in motion. By far the most accurate way of determining a gate’s pull force is by using a pull scale, which will give you a reading in kilogram force (kgf). This will enable you to make an informed decision as regards the kind of gate motor that you need to specify, be it industrial or a domestic-rated model.


92787121 – young girl with skipping rope on white background. best cardio workout

Another important consideration when it comes to a healthy gate motor installation, is that of duty cycle; in other words, how hard the gate motor will have to work. If it’s a domestic site requiring four or five operations per day, a D2 Turbo will be more than up for the job. However, a high-traffic site such as a business park calls for an industrial operator such as a D10.


Staying fit and healthy takes hard work. One can’t drink one kale smoothie and do a single push-up and expect to live to be a 107 years old.  One has to maintain a consistent lifestyle by regularly going to the gym, eating healthy and avoiding poor lifestyle choices such as smoking and fast food.

Similarly, for your installation to remain “healthy”, it’s important that you perform routine maintenance on a basis that is consistent with the gate motor’s usage. We recommend getting a qualified technician to perform an onsite check for signs of wear and tear every two years or so. Fortunately, with easy access to advanced diagnostics, clever design and modular construction, maintaining a CENTURION operator simply couldn’t be easier.

The cool-down

If you regularly do cardiovascular exercises such as cycling or running on a treadmill, you’re probably familiar with the concept of the “cool-down”; a post-exercise period during which one allows one’s body to recover from the stress of the main exercise.

When it comes to gate automation, the “cool-down” is the period after the installation during which you demonstrate to the end-user how to safely operate the system, as well as handing over the user guide, remotes, manual release keys, etc.

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