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In the 1960s, Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan developed a theoretical framework for understanding media in terms not only of its contents, but also its characteristics, which he expressed through the phrase “the medium is the message”. McLuhan’s pioneering work in the field of media studies enables us to see human artefacts in the context of the role that they fulfil in society. Notably, McLuhan also advanced a hypothesis that the objects we create become extensions of ourselves, for example the wheel being an extension of the foot, the book being an extension of the eye, et cetera.

This anthropomorphisation and externalisation are certainly evident in architecture and how we use space to portray intrinsic human characteristics, with the use of home space being a prime example as it embodies the emotions, such as safety, security and comfort that we experience in inhabiting this space as well as reflecting who we are.  As Alexia Mercieca puts it: “[it] is the human element that makes the building what it is, gives it a use, sets a scale and defines its use in society”.

Another perspective to consider when thinking about homes is denotative and connotative meaning, i.e. the meaning that we ascribe to the word. There is the standard, dictionary definition of some sort of building for human habitation but, on an emotional level, home is a place that we equate with concepts such as family, memories and peace of mind.

With the garage being an extension of your home and your home being an extension of you, make sure that your garage door gives you the very best security and convenience by choosing the all-new SDO4 SMART garage door motor for tip-up and sectional doors.

Here’s why:

Smooth and silent movement

Who says you have to be loud to make a statement? With such silent movement, the SDO4 SMART exudes elegance and sophistication and makes for an automated garage door that will be music to your ears.


The SDO4 SMART doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to your peace of mind and is ruggedly-built for daily use. The combination of a structurally solid body and the most innovative technology incorporating state-of-the-art motor control circuitry for unfailing accuracy makes the SDO4 SMART the last garage door motor you’ll ever have to buy.

Not only does the SDO4 SMART deliver the highest level of reliability thanks to its high-performance design, but the SMART controller actively monitors system health and provides intelligent diagnostic feedback that your installer can easily access using an intuitive and user-friendly mobile app.


You’ll rest easier with the SDO SMART garage door motor. With built-in safety features and cutting edge, time-proven obstruction detection technology that immediately stops and reverses the door, the SDO SMART guards against mishaps and ensures that the door can be operated in absolute safety.

In addition, the SDO4 SMART is compatible with our new Photon SMART fully wireless infrared safety beams. The beams install in minutes, and combine the best features of our SDO4 SMART garage door motor with the power of wireless technology to give you a safe garage door in no time at all.


Utilising an integrated vibration sensor, this ever-vigilant garage door operator is your defense against tampering and forced openings, alerting you via the alarm output to any would-be criminals trying their luck with your garage door. It’s security made SMART!

Adjustable speed*

With the SDO4 SMART, you choose the speed. Fine-tune and customise your experience to match your preferences and master your garage door with the ultimate in control. Whether you want your door to open and close quickly for maximum security, or you prefer more tempered movement, the SDO4 SMART gets it just right.


Give your garage door the gift of lift! With boosted performance thanks to its powerful DC motor, the SDO4 SMART garage door motor is as commanding as it’s clever. This hard-driving, souped-up machine boasts an incredible 1000 Newton lifting capacity (1200N for the T12), which means that it’s not only strong enough to lift wide, heavy doors, but it’s faster, more reliable and much smoother than any other garage door motor in its class.


Equipped to tip and exceptional for sectional, the new SDO4 garage door motor offers the ultimate in versatility. Choose between two options – the SDO4 is easily adapted to suit your needs. Whatever your garage door type, this innovative and intelligent operator is optimised for the exact application, giving you the highest level of comfort and reliability.

The SDO4 SMART also boasts a wide range of customising options. Thanks to programmable channels, you control every aspect of your garage door with more choice and more freedom than ever before. Added to that, you can now control an external courtesy light while also having the option of using one of the IOs to indicate a tamper alarm.

Battery backup

It’s time to show load-shedding the door – literally! The SDO4 SMART is the always-on solution for garage doors that shrugs off the rolling power outages that has been causing so much frustration the past couple of months. With extended battery backup, you won’t have to give up your comfort, security and convenience when the lights go out.

*When configured for a tip-up door

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