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To borrow a line from Swedish rock band Europe’s diabolically catchy 1986 hit: it’s the final countdown. And, even if Scandinavian singalong synth-pop isn’t your thing, the promise of temporarily trading dull spreadsheets for sweeping ocean vistas and board rooms for board shorts is reason enough to start fist pumping the air to imaginary techno beats right there at your desk.

However, if there’s a nagging feeling at the back of your mind, it’s not just because you’ve totally got the abovementioned earworm stuck in your head. The more likely explanation is that, like a swarm of ants at a family picnic, concerns over leaving your home unattended have infiltrated your holiday dreams and, instead of feasting upon the delicious egg salad sandwich of festive fantasy, you’re left nibbling on the stale cracker of worry.

We’ve all been there. The one moment you’re partaking in typical holiday revelry, and the next you’re thinking about how you’ll be returning home to find your house emptier than the plot of the latest action blockbuster. Worrying about your home’s security can really put the kibosh on your holiday fun.

But there’s no reason to let crime concerns crush your chill. Here at Centurion Systems, we are purveyors of peace of mind, which is why we have compiled this useful list of ways you can use your CENTURION products to ensure a worry-free vacation.

Take peace of mind with you with the G-ULTRA

When it comes to having a security all-rounder, you just can’t beat the G-ULTRA GSM solution, especially when combined with our innovative WiZo-Link wireless expansion module. Below are just some of the creative things you can do with these smart solutions to improve your home’s security:

  • Open and close your gate and/or garage door from your phone to grant secure access to house sitters, gardening services and armed response companies
  • Remotely switch on your outside lights, or have them automatically switch on and off at specific times with the scheduling feature
  • Know what your gate is doing at all times with intelligent gate status monitoring – receive notifications of power failures, unauthorised entry or when armed response has entered your property
  • Monitor your electric fence and be notified of tampering or activations
  • Connect a G-ULTRA/WiZo to your CCTV system to notify you of movement, enabling you to login and see what’s going down
  • Add voice functionality and answer your intercom from anywhere with the G-SPEAK ULTRA – an excellent deterrent to criminals looking for signs of occupancy

Have an installer check and, if necessary, replace your gate motor’s battery

This is especially important if the battery is more than three years old. Over time, a battery’s internal chemical properties start to break down, and the electrolyte – which is the medium that allows the flow of electrons between the anode and the cathode – can dry up. Even if you don’t use your gate motor that much, sulphation can occur, which means that a layer of salt forms around the terminals, inhibiting the battery’s capacity to power the motor.

By performing a simple load test, your installer will be able to tell you whether it’s time to replace the battery.

Enable Holiday Lockout Mode

This unique security feature of the D5-Evo allows you to electronically “lock” the gate motor so that only the remote control that invoked the function is able to use the system, preventing unauthorised access while you’re away.

Install a theft-resistant cage

Another bit of decidedly un-festive Grinchery that has popped up in recent years is gate motor theft.  Perhaps, like Dr Seuss’ cynical and misanthropic character, these automation bandits also have hearts that are “two sizes too small”, but, whatever their motivation and cardiopathology, they must be stopped.

We recommend installing a reliable theft-resistant cage from a reputable gate automation manufacturer. These brackets fit snugly over installed gate motors and, when secured with a high-quality padlock, will go a long way towards minimising the likelihood of your operator being stolen or otherwise tampered with.

Use beam alarms

Unless you’re expecting a crowd of Christmas carollers to congregate in front of your casa, people loitering in front of your gate could spell trouble, and even more so if you’re not home to take the necessary action.

The solution?

Enable beam alarms on your CENTURION gate motor, hook up a G-ULTRA, and receive notifications on your phone when the infrared safety beams are obstructed. It is also possible to interface the beam alarms with a third party alarm system to alert your armed response company to suspicious activity at your gate.

Make your gate as secure as possible

While technology is an undeniably powerful tool when it comes to keeping criminals out of your property, it’s important not to forget the fundamentals, like ensuring that the actual gate has all the necessary fortifications. These include:

  • Fitting adequate anti-lift brackets to prevent the gate from being lifted off the track
  • Strengthening the mounting of the rack adjacent the gate motor pinion, so that the rack can’t be bent up and away from the pinion and lose locking engagement
  • Ensuring that the front catch bracket is sturdy enough to prevent the gate from being pushed over
  • Fitting an electric gate lock to positively lock the gate in the closed position

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