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Whenever the topic of maintenance is brought up, it brings to mind a certain scene from Shakespeare’s play Macbeth (a play which, according to superstition, must only be referred to as “the Scottish play” within a theatre setting). You know, the one in which Macbeth responds to news of Lady M’s demise with a soliloquy beginning with the words “tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow”.

“I’ll get ‘round to it tomorrow” is probably one of the most often-used domestic platitudes, ranking just under “who put the empty milk carton back in the fridge?” on the list of common household phrases.

Fortunately, gates don’t require too much by way of maintenance, but it’s still important to periodically give your entrance gate some TLC to ensure that it keeps running smoothly and doesn’t put unnecessary strain on your gate motor.

A gate that’s been neglected may show signs of wear and tear, especially on the wheels and guide-rollers, it may no longer move smoothly, become jammed, etc. If your gate motor keeps picking up obstructions, this may also be an indication that the gate is in need of some routine maintenance.

Here are some gate maintenance tips:

  • Check wheels and guide-rollers for signs of wear and, if necessary, replace
  • Check the track for damage or corrugation
  • Ensure that the gate moves smoothly and apply lubrication to tight spots
  • Ensure that the end-stops are sturdy and secure
  • Clear any dirt, leaves and debris from the track
  • Keep the area around the gate and motor clear of vegetation
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