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We all know that access control is anything but a one-size-fits-all kind of deal and, beyond more obvious considerations such as frequency of use and power failure autonomy, it’s important to give thought to, and prepare for, every eventuality and scenario. While, in a perfect world, vehicle access and traffic management are predictable and seamless, the reality is that things can go any number of ways, not all of them favourable – especially if proper measures aren’t in place to quite literally steer things back in the right direction.

Running parallel to such contingencies, initial access control planning should consider the degree to which the technology or equipment needs to be customisable and adaptable in order to integrate with the surrounding architecture and built environment. The layout of a site can vary greatly, and it is largely determined by its specific designation, nature or category, which may include factors such as whether it serves as a retail establishment, office park, residential community, or other unique category of use.

When you choose the CENTURION SECTOR II traffic barrier, you’re not just opting for cutting-edge vehicle access control; you’re investing in peace of mind. Our latest update not only boasts a sleek and robust rectangular profile pole with integrated LED strip, but also offers a range of versatile accessories designed to cater to a wide spectrum of security needs.

Breakaway Coupler: Say goodbye to worries about unexpected mishaps. Our optional Breakaway Coupler is engineered to safeguard your investment by preventing costly damages. It’s the perfect complement to our newly-updated SECTOR II, ensuring both style and protection go hand-in-hand.

Jack-Knife Assembly: Need adaptability in tight spaces? Look no further. The SECTOR II, now featuring the striking rectangular pole, can be effortlessly adapted to suit any environment with the easy-to-install Jack-Knife Assembly. This versatile accessory allows the boom pole to bend gracefully, accommodating limited headroom conditions without sacrificing security or style.

TRAPEX Pedestrian Barrier Fence: Up your security game with the TRAPEX barrier fence. When paired with our SECTOR II traffic barrier, it serves a dual purpose – defending against unauthorised pedestrian access while maintaining robust vehicular control. Modular and constructed from high-quality materials, TRAPEX perfectly complements the durable and dashing rectangular pole of the SECTOR II.

Choose the SECTOR II traffic barrier, where adaptability meets elegance, and security goes beyond expectation. Explore our range of accessories and customise your solution today!


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