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The FAAC JS-series bollards were conceived with the purpose of maximising safety in all areas that may be threatened by vehicles.

JS bollards provide an innovative answer to protecting sensitive buildings, squares, markets,
pedestrian areas, and places with high traffic. Non-invasive safety, able not only to protect spaces
and people but also the aesthetics of the surrounding architectural context.

Main Features 

• Bollard always as new with rugged mDure®
• cover – extremely high mechanical resistance and resistant to shocks and scratches
• Certified safety standards – able to stop a 7,500kg truck travelling at 50km/h (JS48) or 80km/h (JS80)
• Resistant to corrosion, chemical and atmospheric agents thanks to anti-corrosive polyamide resin Rilsan®
• Aesthetic consistency across all FAAC bollards
• Easy maintenance and simplified installation thanks to integrated hydraulic power unit

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