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Saving time = a simpler, less complicated life

How valuable is time?

As such an abstract – one could even say arbitrary – concept, this can be quite difficult to qualify in any meaningful way. As evidence, one need only look at how time is expressed, used and perceived by different cultures around the world, ranging from linear, an irreversible and cumulative process, to cyclical, which is a much more subjective experience. When it comes to assigning value to time, Scottish author and government reformer Samuel Smiles perhaps said it best: “lost wealth may be replaced by industry, lost knowledge by study, lost health by temperance or medicine, but lost time is gone forever.

No doubt, if we want to save time, and put it to the best possible use, then we want our lives to be made easier. This can be through revaluating and optimising daily tasks, altering our routine, getting rid of distractions, multitasking or, as we’ll see in this article, making use of technology.

New Year, new gear

With 2022 now in full swing, the industrial and commercial sectors will be firing on all cylinders, meaning new opportunities for you to provide your clients with the very best in security and convenience from South Africa’s market leader in access automation. These high-volume, high-security sites, as well as residential environments such as estates and housing complexes, call for an access control solution that is reliable, with exceptional performance, that can withstand demanding operating and climactic conditions, and that is filled with features that can adapt to a host of different sites.

Enter the SECTOR II: CENTURION’s innovative answer to high-volume access requirements. Featuring dependable battery backup, a precision-engineered gearbox and lightning-fast raising and lowering for the ultimate in security, this nearly indefatigable automatic traffic barrier provides formidable protection against unauthorised access, tailgating, vehicle theft and, in commercial and retail settings, circumventing of paid parking systems.

Making lives easier

This is how the SECTOR II automatic traffic barrier can help save you time, get more done and make your life easier:

Easy installation and maintenance – ready-to-install mechanical footprint allowing drop-in installation of the barrier housing.

Intuitive commissioning – the entire setup, including configuration of its many settings, is done using an intelligent LCD interface. All of the electronics are housed at the top of the barrier for quick and easy access.

Optimised cable routing – achieving a neat, good-looking installation is a cinch.

The highest level of reliability – the SECTOR II automatic traffic barrier has been designed and manufactured to our exacting quality standards, and is rated for 3000 operations per day.

For more information on the SECTOR II automatic traffic barrier and our other innovative and industry-leading access automation solutions, contact us today.

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