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The highly-anticipated successor to CENTURION’s beloved G-SWITCH-22 GSM solution made its public debut at the company’s inaugural Access Automation Expo in September.

Labelled the “ultimate new GSM solution”, the appropriately-named G-ULTRA is putting a fresh new spin on mobile-based access control with a plethora of new features guaranteed to delight installers and end-users alike.

According to CENTURION spokesperson Charl Mijnhardt, the G-ULTRA is far from a mere continuation of the G-SWITCH-22’s legacy.

“It’s a complete reimagining,” explains Mijnhardt. “We’ve added the useful diagnostic screen, of course, but that’s the least of what makes the G-ULTRA such a phenomenal product!”

Here’s a breakdown of the latest features to be added to CENTURION’s GSM stable:

Sleek new design

Starting with the cosmetic, the G-ULTRA’s remarkable intelligence is being packaged in a stylish-looking enclosure befitting such an advanced product.

Says Mijnhardt: “We are visual beings, us humans, and how something is presented, what it looks like, plays a huge role in our perception of it. We wanted to design a solution that screams intelligent, futuristic, advanced”.

Internal GSM antenna

An internal GSM antenna ensures healthier, more reliable network signal strength without the frustration of trying to find the optimal location to mount the unit. If you need to fit the G-ULTRA in a metal enclosure, simply attach an external antenna to the onboard connector.

Easy access to diagnostics

This smart device provides intelligent feedback via a graphic user interface displaying status, system information and diagnostic messages for the complete ULTRA experience.

Intelligent monitoring of gate status

With the G-ULTRA, your peace of mind is not dependent on physical proximity, and the rules of physics can be bent so that it’s almost like you’re two places at once.

With seamless integration with CENTURION gate motors, your G-ULTRA will let you know when your gate has been left open, or is in any other state specified by you through intelligent monitoring of the gate motor’s status output.

Adjustable Filter settings mean that you can specify under which conditions you are notified about a particular gate status, for example, if the gate has remained open for longer than 20 seconds.

Access number profiles

The access number configuration profiles eliminates the hassle of configuring inputs and outputs and permissions every time that a new number is added.

Typical uses and applications

The G-ULTRA can be used in a wide variety of security and access automation applications and is fully customisable for:

  • B & Bs and guesthouses – with flexible scheduling, time-barring and automatic activations
  • Complexes – 1500 user memory
  • Existing gate motors – open, close and intelligently monitor your gate status, all via your phone!
  • Access automation – control a plethora of access control devices including gate motors, traffic barriers and garage door operators
  • Miscellaneous security applications – be notified via SMS, missed call or email of alarm activations, electric fence triggers and mains power failures

The G-ULTRA is out now. Get yours from your nearest Centurion Systems branch or security distributor.

Unbridled. Unchained. Unmatched. Ultra.

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