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When Scottish-born inventor Alexander Graham Bell uttered the famous words “Mister Watson, come here. I want to see you” – the first intelligible words ever to be recorded on a telephone on 10th March, 1876 – chances are he couldn’t have imagined that his invention would become the chosen medium for communication for more than a century. And it’s even more unlikely that he foresaw the advent of mobile technology and the completely wireless future that has become our reality. During his time, devices that transmitted signals and communicated sans wires were probably the domain of science fiction writers more than it was of engineers and scientists.

In today’s super-connected world, we are exploiting the full potential of wireless technology, perhaps chiefly through our smartphones and tech developers offering us apps for everything from ordering rides to learning a new language.

Being a leading innovator in the field of access automation, Centurion Systems has developed a suite of products that delivers the full convenience of the Information Age via GSM technology.

With four channels individually configurable as either inputs or outputs, plus two additional onboard relays, you can use a single G-ULTRA GSM device to control up to six different devices from your phone, including gate and garage door motors, lights, refrigeration units, water heater cylinders, sprinkler systems and a host of other appliances.

When set up as inputs, one G-ULTRA is capable of monitoring up to four different systems or solutions and can send you push notifications on your phone through the intuitive G-REMOTE mobile app. Some examples of variable levels that can be monitored include mains power, fluid levels (for example in a fishpond) and the status of your gate, i.e. whether it is opening, left open, etc. All this from a single unit.

Get the ultimate GSM solution today, and let CENTURION #MakeYourLifeEasier.


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