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Come See How It’s Made at the CENTURION Head Office Open Day

Our gate motors work so seamlessly and reliably that it’s sometimes easy to forget that, under the hood, there lies rather a sophisticated system of interconnected electronic and mechanical parts that work together to make the operator perform. There’s the thingamajig, the whatchamacallit, the doohickey…okay, we’re just kidding around, but you get the picture. Point is, there’s plenty of cool stuff happening under that famous green lid.

Centurion Systems is inviting the public to come and see how South Africa’s favourite gate motors are made by attending an open day to be held at the company’s corporate head office in North Riding, Johannesburg. Two factory tours will be held on the day, giving visitors the opportunity to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making world-class access automation solutions.

According to CENTURION’s regional sales manager, Luan Botes, factory tours have always proven to be immensely popular with visitors.

“Naturally, a significant proportion of our customer base has an interest in engineering and the technical field, so it’s a treat for them to see the high-tech processes that go into making our products”, says Botes.

In addition to the factory tours, the head office sales team has handpicked a number of CENTURION’s most popular solutions to be showcased on the day, including the D2 Turbo domestic sliding gate motor, the G-ULTRA GSM solution for offsite monitoring and control, and the company’s brand new range of door automation solutions.

The open day will take place on Friday, the 28th of June. Please RSVP to [email protected].

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