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We offer a wide range of product training courses covering our most popular access automation solutions, providing you with a sound theoretical foundation as well as the technical skills to install, diagnose and maintain everything from gate motors to traffic barriers and helping you to become the installer of choice.

Below, we’ve provided a brief overview of what you can expect from each of our most popular training courses:

D-Series sliders installation

CENTURION’s industry-leading D-Series range – which includes the flagship D5-Evo sliding gate motor – boasts a plethora of advanced features such as an LCD interface, audible and visible diagnostics and intelligent speed control. This course covers the installation and commissioning of D-Series sliders, and includes a theoretical as well as a practical component, allowing for a solid framework of knowledge as regards this remarkable, and popular, product range.

V-Series swings

The VERT-X and VANTAGE swing gate operators – with their sleek, stylish and robust construction – represent pure poetry in motion. Learn how to install, commission and maintain these beautiful and reliable machines.


The Troubleshooting course is a must for installers, technicians and other individuals in support roles, and covers a wide range of possible fault conditions, causes and solutions with regards to CENTURION’s most popular access automation solutions. Attendees will learn how to access and interpret the advanced diagnostic features offered by operators such as the beloved D5-Evo sliding gate operator.

SECTOR II traffic barrier installation

Incorporating CENTURION’s feature-rich and advanced D-Series interface and boasting an impressive duty cycle thanks to built-in battery backup, the SECTOR II traffic barrier is a perfect fit for high-traffic sites such as business parks and shopping centres. This course is geared towards equipping the installer with the requisite skills for preparing the site, installing and commissioning the barrier, and providing after-sales support. ï


In recent years, there has been an increased awareness and consciousness around energy conservation with the ultimate goal of reducing humankind’s growing carbon footprint. Solar energy is at the forefront of generating renewable energy that is environmentally friendly, which is why CENTURION’s access automation solutions integrate seamlessly with solar technology. This course will teach you how to calculate solar requirements, as well as covering the technical aspects of a solar-powered installation.

CLAWS access control

CLAWS are formidable, highly-durable roadway spikes that can be added to an existing traffic barrier or access control system for maximum security and as a reliable means of preventing tail-gating. This course will guide you through the preparation and installation of this powerful vehicular access control solution.

G-ULTRA access control

In 2017, CENTURION launched the innovative ULTRA range of GSM monitoring and control solutions. In this relatively new course, you’ll be introduced to the range’s vast array of features which includes mobile access, time-barring and scheduling, input-output mapping, easy programming and online user profiles.

Psychology in Business

While the vast majority of CENTURION’s courses have focused on developing technical skills, the Psychology in Business course has been designed to teach a better understanding of why people make certain decisions in the context of business. According to training manager Chris Grobler, this is a tragically overlooked but critical component of sales training, with the result that many salespeople lack conviction when selling their wares.

The course will cover the following material:

  • Why do humans do the things they do?
  • The working of the human brain
  • Basic psychology
  • Individual purpose
  • Vision
  • Mental toughness

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