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There’s no denying it anymore. Jack Frost has officially ended his extended stay in the north and has announced his arrival on our shores with a few decidedly chilly mornings and evenings, though he’s so far left the days pleasantly mild. Pretty soon, we’ll be trading vests and summer dresses for garb that’s a little bit more appropriate for Monsieur Frost’s icy machinations, rousing heaters from their slumber to fend off the trenchant cold that’s been teasing its imminent coming.

While it may make getting up in the morning a little more difficult, there’s plenty to love about winter: curling up under the blankets with a hearty bowl of soup, the availability of seasonal fruit – including that darling of Instagram photos, the avocado – and making the most out of shorter days.

But the increased strain on the utility grid brings with it an unwelcome visitor: load shedding.

Fortunately, our SDO4 garage door motor for tip-up and sectional doors comes with extended battery backup, so you don’t have to worry about your garage door “freezing up” when you need it. It’s also super-quiet, meaning that your cosiness won’t be interrupted by clanging, clanking and screeching. The SDO4 garage door motor from CENTURION uses an innovative drive-train system that ensures that your garage door opens not just smoothly, but also silently. This lends to your door’s aesthetic appeal and ensures an all-round pleasant experience for you when using the door.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your old, noisy and unreliable garage door motor, you’ll be happy to know that the SDO4 is also extremely quick and easy to install thanks to its innovative mechanical design, so you’re installer will have you enjoying your hot new automation system in no time.

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