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Many industrial installations call for two sliding gate motors to be synchronised, meaning that they will operate – move and stop – simultaneously.  This type of setup is ideal for entrances to premises with extremely wide driveways such as airplane hangars and factories; it is, however, crucial that the two gates operate exactly in tandem as one of them falling out of sequence could potentially affect the other one and result in the entry being rendered inoperative.

In the past, your best bet was to make use of a synchronisation card of sorts to connect the two gate motors.  Typically, their trigger and ground signals would be linked so that when one gate motor is activated, the second unit would also respond.  But with the advent of our D-Series range of controllers, synchronisation has become much, much simpler and there is no longer even a need to purchase additional equipment to achieve seamless synchronisation.

The diagram below shows how you can link two D-Series gate motors by simply connecting two inputs and changing a few settings on the controllers.

What this essentially means is that, when D5-Evo 2 is triggered, an output will be generated on XIO which will in turn activate FRX on D5-Evo 1 and, because their commons are also linked, there will be a valid ground.

NOTE:  The Gate Status settings need only be changed on and remotes only learned into D5-Evo 2, but the Autoclose settings need to be changed on both of the motors in order for them to close at exactly the same time.  Remember that FRX will only initiate an opening cycle, and never a closing cycle.

The remote function can be set as either Trigger Gate or Open Only.

The Auxiliary Input / Output can also be used for interlocking, which will be the focus of a future blog post.

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