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Now that many of us are spending more time at home, you may be noticing some areas in need of improvement. A leaky faucet. A wonky table. A wall in need of a new coat of paint.

Perhaps you’ve even become aware of the fact that your home’s security could use some beefing up, and upgrading your existing gate motor is a great place to start, being the primary access point into your property.

Enter the D5 SMART: our most innovative gate motor yet designed to make your life easier and provide the best security for your sliding gate.

How? We’re glad you asked!

Speed machine

The D5 SMART is the fastest gate motor in its class, moving at a blistering 35 meters per minute. If you’re wondering how such high-octane performance will benefit you, consider that waiting in your driveway for your gate to open renders you vulnerable and places you at an increased risk of falling prey to opportunistic criminals.

By opening and closing your gate at lightning-speed, the D5 SMART gets you into your property safely and securely and helps stop criminals dead in their tracks before they have an opportunity to strike, either by targeting you in your driveway, or by tailgating your car.

Award-winning technology

The D5 SMART is the winner of the 2020 SEIFSA Award for Most Innovative Company. This prestigious accolade is awarded to companies who have inculcated innovation into its projects, products and overall outlook. With intelligent app-based setup and configuration from a smartphone, this operator is the very embodiment of compelling innovation.

Security made SMART

When it comes to giving the D5 SMART the most advanced and innovative security features on the market, we didn’t stop at speed, but gave it an integral vibration sensor to detect movement at the gate. The sensor can be linked to a sound bomb or armed response company, or even send notifications to your phone, helping to prevent tampering, theft and break-ins.

But that still wasn’t enough, so we designed a patented theft-resistant cage that has two rods that thread through the gearbox as a disincentive to would-be thieves. That’s the kind of innovation that wins awards!

Ready for any power outage

Two words that South Africans dread (or one word if you prefer to hyphenate): load shedding. While we’re currently enjoying a temporary reprieve, there can be little doubt that rolling power outages will strike again, bringing frustration and inconvenience in its wake. With two backup batteries, the D5 SMART ensures that you can enjoy uninterrupted security and convenience even during lengthy power outages.

A gentle touch

We simply don’t believe in sacrificing safety for security, so we’re giving you both in one intelligent and reliable gate motor. The D5 SMART features state-of-the-art obstruction detection technology, so you can be rest assured that you, your family, pets and vehicle are safeguarded against being injured or damaged.

Ready to make the intelligent choice? Contact us and get the all-new D5 SMART sliding gate motor today!

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