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The very first mobile phones, besides being decidedly bulky and impractical, were fairly basic in terms of
their functionality. One could make and receive calls, send text messages and, in the case of particularly
advanced models, access email.

However, like most technological innovations (those that don’t fall into obsolescence, anyway) cell
phones evolved along with the needs of an increasingly network-oriented society, and today offer users
the ability to browse the web, stream videos and even produce extensive written works using built-in
word processors. In 2003, a man calling himself Yoshi “published” the first cellphone novel, written
entirely on his mobile device.

In his seminal work The Rise of the Network society, Manual Castells reflects on the massive impact that
the advent of mobile telephone has had on the world.

“From the 1990s onward, another communication revolution took place worldwide: the explosion of
wireless communication, with increasing capacity of connectivity and bandwidth in successive
generations of mobile phones. This has been the fastest diffusing technology in the history of
communication”. (Castells, 2006)

When we developed our G-ULTRA GSM solution, we were determined to take wireless connectivity to
the next level, and into the realm of home automation, giving our customers the ability to control their
homes from anywhere.

Complemented by an intuitive mobile app, the G-ULTRA lets you remotely activate, as well as monitor,
your appliances from anywhere using your smartphone.

Allow us to posit the following bone-chilling scenario: You’re on your way to the dam armed with your
rods and your cooler box, the sun has just started to creep over the horizon painting the sky in majestic
shades of ochre. Today, you fish. And nothing is going to stop you. Suddenly you realise, much to your
chagrin, that you forgot to arm the house alarm and there has been a spate of burglaries in your
neighbourhood. Do you turn the car around and miss out on the opportunity to show the bass who’s boss?

Not if you have a G-ULTRA installed.

Simply launch the app, tap the relevant icon, and rest easy knowing your home security is taken care of.
Since the G-ULTRA can also be used for monitoring, it is even possible to receive confirmation that the
required action has been carried out.

Or imagine knowing about power failures before you get home. With the G-ULTRA, you can.

Other applications include:

• Opening and closing your gate or garage door
• Switching on your sprinklers or pool pump
• Activating outside lights
• Monitoring fluid levels
• Receiving push notifications of gate activity (opening, closing, left open, etc.)

To reiterate, this can all be done from absolutely anywhere using your smartphone, G-ULTRA and the G-

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