IMPORTANT NOTICE: G-Remote App will no longer work After 31st August 2024

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Unless you really, really enjoy the ambience created by candlelight, or you’re a bona fide vampire, chances are you’re pretty relieved when the power comes back on after a lengthy outage.

That is, until you try to switch the TV on for that Master Chef finale but the only thing showing is the darkest hour, and we’re not talking about the celebrated Churchill biopic starring Gary Oldman. To add insult to injury, your olfactory centre might even be assaulted by the grim smell of fried electronic components.

A power surge is when there is a sudden spike in your house’s electricity supply. While brief – typically around a thousandth of a second – the “boost” in current can irreparably damage sensitive electronics, especially if they aren’t sufficiently protected. Lightning is the biggest culprit, but power that is restored post-outage can also cause a power surge.

Gate motors aren’t immune but, fortunately, we now stock an easy-to-use and effective surge arrester for gate automation equipment.

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