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Estate living has for long been heralded as the final bastion of the truly secure and serene residential setup, with the convergence of community and comfort in a mostly-guarded environment making the cosseted boundaries of the modern residential estate an increasingly attractive option for those seeking peace of mind. From an anthropological perspective, this “common ecology and locality” (What-When-How, n.d.) is the touchstone of the shared social experience of safety, bolstered by the presence of access control at entry points, which is one of the main benefits of living in an estate.

However, the efficacy of such access control systems in the context of providing security and peace of mind to residents is highly reliant on factors such as its quality and reliability, and whether it is the product of a reputable manufacturer who is able to provide the necessary after-sales support.

CENTURION’s SECTOR II automatic traffic barrier has become a firm favourite amongst installers and integrators charged with looking after the security of residential estates. When it comes to reliability, the SECTOR II is in a class of its own, rated for up to 3000 operations per day and ruggedly-built using only the most durable and robust materials, making it the perfect solution for high-volume sites. Like all our products, this nearly indefatigable barrier is made to our exacting standards and tested in-house for a positively astronomical number of cycles, with a precision-engineered gearbox delivering an access control solution that is the very embodiment of endurance and performance.

Here are some additional features that make the SECTOR II perfect for residential estates:

It’s fast, very fast

Lowering the boom pole in mere seconds, the SECTOR II automatic traffic barrier delivers outstanding security and helps to prevent tailgating and vehicle theft.

It’s battery backed-up

Not only is the SECTOR II automatic traffic barrier ready for any power outage, but the interior of the cabinet is spacious enough to fit a larger battery for even greater reliability. The barrier is also completely solar-ready.

It’s expandable

The SECTOR II provides seamless integration with complementary solutions such as GSM devices, proximity access control systems and biometric readers.

It looks good

Most estates insist upon maintaining the aesthetics and uniform appearance of the development, and would prefer a security solution that isn’t an eyesore.

With its uniquely svelte enclosure made from pre-galvanised steel, which improves corrosion resistance, the SECTOR II is stylish, modern and attractive.

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