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What’s the best feeling in the world?

For some, it’s witnessing the majesty of a sunrise and the feeling of wet grass beneath their feet, while tech junkies will tell you that nothing comes close to the breathless excitement of unboxing a new gadget. Or perhaps you enjoy the simple things, like kicking off your shoes after a long day.

Whatever it is that makes you feel good, something we can all agree on is that feeling safe and secure is right up there. In fact, according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, one of the earliest and best-known models of human needs, personal security is so important that it ranks just below physiological needs such as food, water and shelter.

When gate automation was first introduced in South Africa around the mid-eighties, it was precisely in response to growing concerns around home security. The halcyon days of open yards without walls and doors that were left unlocked were coming to an end, and South Africans were looking for new ways to feel safe in their surroundings.

Gate motors offered – and continue to offer – an effective solution to the crime problem. For the first time, homeowners no longer had to leave the safety of their vehicles to push open entrance gates, reducing the likelihood of them being attacked or hijacked in their driveways. They could simply press a button, drive into their yard, and then have the gate close securely behind them.

Modern gate motors like those manufactured by Centurion Systems can be set to operate at high speeds, with some models rated for up to 50 metres per minute, drastically reducing the time that the gate remains open. Another unique feature pioneered by CENTURION is PIRAC mode, which works with co-installed infrared safety beams to close the gate the moment that the vehicle has cleared the gate.

Gate motors also help to prevent unauthorised access to one’s property by ensuring that only learned-in, authorised remote controls are able to operate the gate.

But enhanced security is only one of the great reasons to join the automation movement in 2020. Here are some more.


Ride sharing. Streaming entertainment.  Online shopping. These are the cultural monoliths of our time; the service-delivery models that have shaped modern society and that frame our expectations through the lens of innovation. They have come to define and contextualise what it means to live in the Digital Age and experience first-hand the marvels of what some are calling a technological renaissance.

And gate automation fits very snugly into this schema of convenience.

The days of being pitted against the elements (especially now that the rainy season is upon us), straining to open and close heavy gates sometimes in complete darkness, are over thanks to one of the most brilliantly convenient inventions of the modern age.

At the cutting edge

While technology’s main functions are to make our lives easier and simplify otherwise-laborious tasks, one can’t deny the fact that there is also a sense of elevated status and accomplishment that comes with owning the latest and best tech. It’s one of the ways in which we set ourselves apart and demonstrate synchronicity with current – and even future – trends.

Automating your gate won’t just make your life so much easier, but it’s sure to turn plenty of heads in your neighbourhood.

Gate automation and beyond

Gate motors have become much more intelligent and sophisticated in recent years, and are no longer limited to merely opening and closing gates. Now that you’ve automated your gate, it’s easy to grow your home security ecosystem by adding keypads, beams and GSM modules, which let you control your automation from your phone. You’ll also have access to loads of great features, like intruder-detection alarms, timed access control and automatic closing.

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