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If you’ve ever undertaken a business or communications course, chances are that you’ve come across the term “systems theory”. In simple terms, the theory posits that a business is a system comprised of many different interrelated, interconnected and interdependent parts that form a cohesive whole and work together to make the system function. These parts also interact with their environment, whether with the organisation as a whole or with the market or industry. Put another way, and especially since the theory originated in biology, the system – in this case the organisation or business – is like the human body with every function and department representing a different organ.

Because the parts (departments) are interdependent, they rely on each other to keep the system (organisation) working as it should. Below is a very basic visual representation of what systems theory at work might look like. Notice how the different departments overlap.

So, where does access control fit into the system? Well, if you think about it, access control is crucial to the running of the business since it ensures that the right people (i.e. staff and clients) are let in while unwanted “visitors” (such as criminals) are kept out. Returning to the human body analogy, the company’s security backbone is exactly that, a backbone. Or the immune system, if you prefer.

As a well-established access control system, turnstiles have been controlling pedestrian access for decades. In this article, we’ll explore four ways in which turnstiles can help your business run more efficiently.

It increases security

As we mentioned earlier, security is so essential that most companies wouldn’t be able to survive without it. Without proper security measures in place, a company would soon find itself facing massive financial losses resulting from theft and fraud, not to mention the risks its staff would have to endure on a daily basis.

Turnstiles, when combined with other access control systems such as card or biometric readers, ensure that only authorised individuals are allowed into the building by requiring them to present valid credentials before granting access.

It increases operational efficiency

If one part of a system – yes, a single part! – is taking strain or is inefficient, the entire system suffers. That’s the whole basis of the systems theory. In other words, if you have a bottleneck in one department, there is a ripple effect and soon other departments are affected.

If your security and reception personnel have to manually check the credentials of every person entering the building – a time-consuming and laborious exercise – your business is definitely not running as smoothly as it could be if automation were introduced. By having turnstiles installed, you’ll be freeing up your frontline staff to take care of their primary duties while access control takes care of security.

It simplifies admin and helps HR

Turnstiles are a popular choice for access control in office lobbies, as well as in factories and warehouses. By integrating the turnstile with a time and attendance system, you can easily keep tabs of staff entry and exit times and locations, making life that much easier for your HR department. Many turnstiles are also compatible with breathalysers, helping to prevent intoxicated individuals from entering the premises and operating potentially hazardous equipment, thereby endangering themselves and their co-workers.

It helps to protect revenue

From music venues and sports stadiums to amusement parks and conference centres, many businesses rely on the sale of tickets for revenue. Manually checking tickets, besides being time-consuming and inefficient, leaves considerable room for error as unauthorised individuals, i.e. those without a valid ticket or token, can slip in unnoticed or “piggyback” by following a ticketholder into the venue.

Turnstiles help to prevent pedestrian tailgating by allowing only one person at a time to pass through the gate, securely locking in place after each transaction or passage.

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