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Trust CENTURION traffic barriers for the best angle in high-volume access control

CENTURION’s traffic barriers are designed to handle very heavy traffic, and can happily perform up to 3000 operations every single day, even during power failures. A beefy DC gearbox coupled with a tough-as-nails housing and intelligent and feature-rich controller make CENTURION barriers the automatic choice for access control points with lots of cars going in and out.

Like all CENTURION products, the SECTOR II high-volume traffic barrier embodies our brand essence of making your life easier, with the electronics residing conveniently at the top of the barrier housing for easy access.

Tyre killers and pedestrian barrier fences can also be added for a fully comprehensive access control systems.

Need dependable access control for that particularly wide entrance or exit? When standard boom pole lengths just won’t do, the FAAC B680H traffic barrier has you covered. Customisable for roadways up to 8m and capable of delivering two million cycles of continuous use thanks to its everlasting springs, this powerful barrier offers a reliable solution for even the most demanding of traffic control applications.

Our robust and durable traffic barriers are suitable for residential complexes, office parks, shopping centres, airports…and just about any environment requiring reliable high-volume access control.

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