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When you choose to install FAAC door automation solutions, you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that you’re installing a truly world-class brand with a proud history spanning five decades.

Below, we’ve listed four reasons to install FAAC door automation solutions:

Unrivalled reliability

With over 50 years’ experience crafting and perfecting industry-leading access automation solutions, FAAC’s innovation-infused heritage is evident not only in every product, but in each and every meticulously-engineered part. When you invest in FAAC, you are making an investment in your peace of mind, and in that of your customers, who will enjoy the unsurpassed reliability of a truly world-class product using world-class components.

Energy saving

With a growing global consciousness around reducing our carbon footprint, it’s becoming increasingly important for technology to embrace energy efficiency as part of its overarching design philosophy. Innovations such as FAAC’s GREENtech energy-saving technology mean that, when you sell a FAAC solution, you are doing your bit with regards to lessening our impact on the environment.

Practically maintenance-free

The FAAC A1000 and A1400 sliding door operators are able to perform a mind-blowing 2 million operations without requiring maintenance.


  • 2 million cycles for which you won’t have to return to site
  • 2 million cycles of complete peace of mind, reliability and confidence in a truly world-class product
  • 2 million cycles of being your client’s hero and inspiring trust in your brand

Superior aesthetics

FAAC products embrace a characteristically Italian flair for aesthetics, favouring sleek elegance not only in terms of design (which, to be fair, is positively sublime), but also in terms of operation, opening and closing in absolute comfort, silence and style. The Italian brand’s solutions are leading edge in terms of their looks.

24-month warranty

As with all CENTURION products, FAAC door automation solutions come with a confidence-inspiring 24-month warranty.

FAAC’s premium range of door automation solutions includes the following models:


The first automated system for sliding doors designed to meet the needs of the market as well as protect our environment.  Thanks to the system’s innovative “Energy Saving” device it identifies the direction of transit and perfectly optimises opening/closing times to avoid unnecessary air dispersion, even in the event of sideways transit.

  • Easy setup and diagnostic thanks to Ethernet interface
  • Kinder to the environment and reduces energy costs by optimising sudden temperature changes in the room and in the vicinity of doors
  • Satisfies architectural and technical needs of customer with full customisability and modular construction
  • Robust and versatile – designed to operate optimally in any condition and any environment
  • Impress end-users with a solution that is personalised, ecological, reliable, safe and technologically-advanced


Thanks to its compact dimensions, the FAAC A1000 system can be adapted to suit virtually any type of architectural environment, even in limited space conditions.

  • An aesthetically superior automation solution – thin and elegant
  • Reliable – excellent logic in real-time thanks to integral microprocessor
  • Absolute safety – automatically programs opening and closing force and speed
  • Unmatched dependability and quality – designed to operate optimally on each occasion and in every environment


The FAAC A951 automated system smoothly and silently controls door opening and closing. It allows users to easily open doors via a button, sensor or a remote control. Thanks to the PUSH&GO function, just a touch completely opens the door.

  • Open and close in absolute comfort
  • Easy to install on either lintel or directly onto door structure – versatile and elegant in only 7cm of space
  • Safe and intelligent for your peace of mind and that of your customers – built in conformity with new European safety standards
  • Kinder to the environment thanks to low energy-consumption


With its innovative, integral spring system, the FAAC A950N opens and closes doors elegantly and silently.

  • Easy to install on either lintel or directly onto door structure – versatile and elegant
  • Stylish and durable with anodised aluminium construction
  • Safe and intelligent for your peace of mind and that of your customers – built in conformity with new European safety standards
  • Powerful and reliable with accurate selection of the mechanical and electrical components
  • Convenient and intuitive thanks to automatic adjustments


For more information about the world-class range of commercial products, or to place your order, please contact our dedicated Exports team here.

CENTURION’s range of diverse and award-winning access automation solutions is available throughout Africa and the rest of the world, with a global footprint spanning more than 70 countries including Somalia, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Rwanda, Malawi, Ghana, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Democratic, Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, Benin, Togo, Guinea and Burkina Faso.

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