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Despite much of the international community regarding Africa with a considerable amount of caution in the recent past, the continent has since undergone a revival of sorts, with many countries that were once regarded as “no-go zones” – including Rwanda and Ethiopia – becoming popular tourist destinations and attracting visitors from across the globe. Cities that were at one time considered unsafe for travel now boast a level 1 travel advisory, the lowest possible level.

However, crime remains a clear and ever-present danger in many parts of the continent and, indeed, the world. From so-called “petty” crimes such as pick-pocketing to more serious threats, security is always high on the public agenda.

With Africa’s rapidly growing vehicle population, it’s no wonder that vehicular access control has enjoyed such widespread attention in recent years, while pedestrian security frequently taking  lower priority.  However, foot traffic still accounts for a large proportion of the overall traffic entering and exiting commercial facilities on a daily basis and, as such, demands special consideration from a security and access control standpoint.

Over time, turnstiles have proven to be among the most versatile and widely used pedestrian access control systems on the market today. From a security standpoint, turnstiles help to prevent unauthorised access of people and provide a physical barrier that can only be bypassed upon the presentation of valid credentials, usually by means of an integrated access control system such as a biometric scanner or card reader. Since turnstiles allow only one person at a time to pass through, they are highly effective in reducing pedestrian “tailgating”, whereby an unauthorised person follows an authorised individual into a secured area.

Their effectiveness and popularity as a crowd-controlling device have led to the implementation of turnstiles in virtually every setting requiring the regulation of pedestrian traffic, including sports stadiums, music venues, university campuses and factories. For many businesses, turnstiles – when combined with access control equipment such as card and/or biometric readers – provide the perfect solution for time management of staff by capturing important data such as time of arrival and departure, location of entry, etcetera. Some of the newer models can also be combined with breathalysers, which help to prevent intoxicated individuals from entering their work stations and operating potentially dangerous machinery, thereby not only endangering their own lives, but the lives of co-workers.


Different types of turnstiles

Like the majority of access control systems, turnstiles come in many different shapes and sizes offering varying degrees of security. Full-height turnstiles, for example, offer a higher level of security since they close off the entire space between the floor and the ceiling and therefore cannot be scaled (climbed over), making them ideal for high-risk settings such as factories.

Waist-height variants, on the other hand, consist of a tripod barrier arm installed, as the name suggests, at waist-height. Suitable for low- to medium-security environments, waist-height turnstiles generally come in at a lower price point and require less time and labour to install. In addition, waist-height turnstiles are designed for streamlined entry and enhanced throughput, lending themselves to increased operational efficiency in settings such as sports stadiums.

Why choose CENTURION turnstiles for your next big commercial project?

CENTURION turnstiles offer a variety of benefits over other brands, namely:


  • Improved reliability thanks to proximity sensors
  • Built-in Fail Safe/Fail Secure changeover options
  • Rotary solenoids offer 100% duty cycle with a mean life exceeding 50 million cycles
  • Improved reliability and longevity using stainless steel and engineering plastics
  • Easy installation of mechanism
  • Minimal wiring required
  • Anti-tamper design
  • Maintenance-free
  • Rotor automatically returns to locked position


  • 24V DC system
  • Normally-open contact
  • Customisable rotation timer – preventing from passing through turnstile per single rotation
  • Authorised anti-passback up to three transactions in one direction


  • Effortless installation with floor mounting template
  • Modern design
  • Overhead space can be closed off thanks to side entrance to mechanism
  • Collapsible rotor for easy handling and moving through restricted spaces
  • Clever design ensures that mounting bolts do not pose tripping hazard
  • IP65-rated protection provided for electronics and mechanism
  • Flat pack design saving on freight costs

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