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Orange is the new black, coffee is the new wine, comedy is the new rock ‘n roll and, if current security trends are any indication, cellphones are the new remote controls.
Say what?

While remote controls will undoubtedly always have a place in the access control environment (and in our sentimental old hearts), there are those who consider them to be anachronistic and passé, remnants of a simpler time. Technology, by its very definition, has to keep evolving and nowhere is this truer than in the case of security technology, where a single misstep in the race to stay ahead of the criminal curve could have disastrous and far-reaching consequences.

Property managers and bodies corporate are switching over to GSM access control en masse. Is this a passing fad, or is cellphone access control here to stay? What’s all the hype about?

Let’s find out.

Lower stock-holding

Is having a box full of remotes in your office cramping your style? Could that spot in the corner better be utilised by your golf clubs? A surprising benefit of using GSM access control at the property, or properties, that you manage is that it can actually free up some space as you don’t have to keep any physical devices in stock.  The tenants use their own cellphones for access.

More security

Remotes have gotten a bad rap of late as vulnerable to security threats such as copying or cloning and, in the case of code-hopping systems such as CENTURION’s NOVA, there is actually very little risk of this happening. That being said, GSM offers an even more secure solution since only learned-in, authorised phone numbers can access the system, which is usually also password-protected. In addition, website administration makes it possible to draw detailed transaction logs documenting which numbers were used for access, at what times, etc.


Whereas remotes can generally only be used for control (it’s right there in the name), the majority of GSM devices offer outputs as well as inputs, which can be connected to alarm systems, electric fences and even mains power and set up to send the users SMS notifications of events such as power failures and alarm breaches.

Offsite administration

This is another major, time-saving benefit of opting for GSM access control: the fact that users can be added and deleted, device settings edited and bulk communications sent – all from the comfort of one’s home or office. A number of leading GSM products offer offsite administration via a website or online portal. This also makes life easier for tenants since they don’t have to wait for someone to come and program their remote onsite. It can be done remotely in a matter of minutes.

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