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Since its debut, the D5 SMART has already been enveloped in a compelling mythology built around its potential to solve residential security challenges at the access level. Visually and aesthetically alone, the design of the SMART tells a captivating story framed by the juxtaposition of stark ruggedness and modern, sleek elegance; a mise-en-scene arranged thusly to portray both strength and beauty.

Aesthetics aside, the D5 SMART’s feature triptych of security (via speed), theft deterrence and longer battery standby autonomy makes this remarkably intelligent gate automation solution the automatic choice for domestic and residential access control. Of course, we’ve written about the aforementioned features at length in previous blog posts, which is why, in this article, we’ll be taking a look under the hood at some subtle but important improvements.

Cutting edge position control

The D5 SMART’s DOSS (Digital Origin Seeking System), the opto-electronic mechanism responsible for managing the gate’s travel limits, utilises a non-contact hall effect sensor ensuring reliability and positional accuracy. The hall effect sensor is highly resistant to dust, oil, dirt and insect ingress. Simply put, our engineers have made sure that your gate won’t go haywire.

Single-action release mechanism

It’s now easy and convenient to override the gate motor’s gearbox so that the gate can be operated manually, should the need ever arise to do so.

Redesigned cover

The D5-SMART’s cover slips on and off with ease.

High flood-line

The D5 SMART has been built to withstand any climate that is offered it is exposed to, be it excessive heat or flooding conditions, with the higher flood-line being achieved using an airlock principle; In other words, if turned upside down, the cover will hold water without leaking but, at the same time, it will prevent water from rising inside the cover because the airlock is opposing the pressure of the water compelled to rise.

Think of an empty glass being pushed upside down into a sink filled with water. The air will slightly compress depending on the height of the water above the cover. Therefore, we took extra care to also seal the top bearing of the gearbox and raise the power supply unit to increase the distance between the water-line and the sensitive electronics. Science!

Steel internal gear

This further reinforces the gearbox and makes forcing the gate open very, very difficult, significantly enhancing security.

Upgrade to the new and improved D5 SMART today. It’s the intelligent choice.

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